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  • Music Practice Rooms

    Sound proof music practice rooms ranging from 100-300 sqft, perfect for an individual or a 7-piece band. Available for month-to-month or daily bookings.

  • Jambox Community

    Easily connect with other Charlotte musicians - use the directories to find that elusive bassist or drummer. Or connect with teachers to improve your craft.

  • Private Keyless Access

    State-of-the-art, secure keyless access to your soundproof music rehearsal and practice room, convenient for you or your whole band.

Our additional products and services

      • Drum Kit

        House Kit - SP, kick drum, pedal, hi hat, cymbal, floor tom, 1 rack tom and throne

      • PA System

        Peavey PA, comes with 2 speakers, 4 inputs, 3 mics and 3 mic stands